Monday, January 30, 2012

Sign Onto the Petition Asking Congress to Increase NIH funding is hosting a petition urging Congress to increase NIH funding.  Currently, there are over 4050 signatories.  The petition can be found and signed here.

This petition is one CPDD members and other concerned citizens should consider endorsing because investment in NIH is a win-win-win for Americans by:

1) increasing life expectancy and quality of life

2) providing a net positive long term return of at least 25% per year (e.g., $125 returned for each $100 invested) on the federal investment in terms of total economic stimulus

3) catalyzing innovation and discovery, both of which are endangered when budget cuts reduce pay lines, creating a risk-averse funding environment

In addition, as suggested by CPDD President Scott Lukas in his January 2012 CPDD Newsline Column (PDF), you can write your Congressmen and women directly to advocate for NIH.

For those interested in more detailed discussions of these points, see the following links to past CPDDBlog posts:

Thanks to CPDD member James Rowlett for raising awareness about this petition.

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