Thursday, September 1, 2011

CPDD/NIDA Media Award 2012 Nomination Deadline Approaching

The nomination deadline for the 2012 CPDD/NIDA Media Award is approaching (November 1).  If you wish to nominate an individual or an organization for this award, please send a nomination letter outlining major accomplishments along with a curriculum vitae (for individuals) to
To be considered for nomination, individuals/organizations must agree to appear at the CPDD 2012 Plenary Session to be held on Sunday morning, June 10, 2012, at La Quinta Resort and Club, Palm Springs, CA.
The past 5 winners of this award were:
Justin Hunt for his film “American Meth”.
Allan Brandt for his book “The Cigarette Century”.
Nancy Campbell for her book “Discovering Addiction”.
Willam Cope Moyers for his book “Broken”.
HBO Producers Sheila Nevins/John Hoffman/Susan Froemke for their multimedia work the “Addiction Project”.
A list of all Media Award winners can be found here.