Saturday, November 6, 2010

More on Four Loko and other caffeinated alcoholic drinks

In follow up to the last posting on caffeinated alcoholic beverages, more states and colleges have enacted or are considering bans of these types of beverages.  The State of Michigan now has banned sales of these drinks effective next month, the State of Oklahoma halted sales of Four Loko and similar beverages, and the State of New York State Liquor Authority is considering modifying the state law so they can ban these types of drinks.  These are in addition to the State of Utah, which never permitted sales of these types of beverages.  In addition, the University of Rhode Island has banned these beverages.

Some feel that these beverages are marketed in such a way that they are attractive to adolescent drinkers, in whom the combination of caffeine and alcohol may be particularly problematic.

CPDDBLOG welcomes CPDD member’s thoughts on this issue.

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