Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to the CPDD Community Website, a.k.a. CPDDBlog.

Over the past few years, online social networking and media sites have become important portals for communicating information, opinion, and news of many types.  This site is intended to serve as an information portal for CPDD members, the media, and the general public.

While this site is accessible to everyone, contributions will be limited to CPDD members and invited guests.  To post, members are required to submit the current CPDD member password along with their contribution.  Contributions will be reviewed by the moderator prior to posting to insure that the site includes informative and professional content.

We hope that member contributions to this site along with contributions from invited guests will help keep CPDD in focus for members and other interested parties over the entire year, and reinforce the concept that CPDD and its membership are thought leaders in the area of addiction research, treatment, and policy.

Over time, we hope to add links to other informative websites and community sites/Blogs that are relevant to CPDD and its mission.  Please email feedback and/or suggestions for relevant additions to the moderator for consideration (

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